Missing Van Gogh Artwork

Van Gogh was one of the most prolific artists of the 19th century creating over 2,000 works in the span of about ten years. Although there are over 2,000 known Van Goghs, today 85 of these works are recorded as missing or in unknown locations. While some of these may be permanently lost, some may also be held in private collections. If you have information regarding any of the Van Gogh paintings, drawings, watercolors, graphic works, or letter sketches on this list, please help us locate these missing works. We strive to keep our catalog as accurate as possible so that it may be useful resource for all of our visitors. Please contact the Van Gogh Gallery with any location information you may have regarding these pieces, and help us solve these mysteries.

In addition to Van Gogh’s missing works, there were six works which were destroyed by fire. See Van Gogh’s destroyed works.

1881 Woman Sewing Woman-Sewing
1881 Mower (after Millet) Mower-(after-Millet)
1881 Sower with Basket Sower-with-Basket
1882 View of the Sea at Scheveningen View-of-the-Sea-at-Scheveningen
1882 Barren Field Barren-Field
1882 Woman at the Window, Knitting Woman-at-the-Window,-Knitting
1882 Meadow, In the Background New Church Meadow,-In-the-Background-New-Church
1882 Sand Diggers Sand-Diggers
1882 Bench in a Wood Bench-in-a-Wood
1882 Orphan Man Holding Top Hat in his Hand Orphan-Man-Holding-Top-Hat-in-his-Hand
1882 Orphan Man with Cap, Eating Orphan-Man-with-Cap,-Eating
1882 Orphan Man with Umbrella, Seen from the Back Orphan-Man-with-Umbrella,-Seen-from-the-Back
1882 Girl Sitting, Knitting Girl-Sitting,-Knitting
1882 Boy with Spade Boy-with-Spade
1882 Two Women Two-Women
1882 Orphan Man, Wearing a Blouse, with Broom and Pipe Orphan-Man,-Wearing-a-Blouse,-with-Broom-and-Pipe
1882 Sower Sower
1882 Sower Sower
1882 Sien under Umbrella with Girl Sien-under-Umbrella-with-Girl
1882 Man and Boy Sitting under a Roof Man-and-Boy-Sitting-under-a-Roof
1882 Woman Spreading Out Laundry on a Field Woman-Spreading-Out-Laundry-on-a-Field
1882 Country Lane with Trees Country-Lane-with-Trees
1882 Sorrow Sorrow
1882 Digger Digger
1882 Orphan Man with Top Hat, Drinking Coffee Orphan-Man-with-Top-Hat,-Drinking-Coffee
1882 Orphan Man Orphan-Man
1882 Workman Sitting on a Basket, Cutting Bread Workman-Sitting-on-a-Basket,-Cutting-Bread
1883 Lying Cow Lying-Cow
1883 Wind-Beaten Tree, A Wind-Beaten-Tree,-A
1883 Sower (study), The Sower-(study),-The
1883 Man Praying Man-Praying
1883 Peat Diggers in the Dunes Peat-Diggers-in-the-Dunes
1883 Potato Grubbers, Four Figures Potato-Grubbers,-Four-Figures
1883 Sower Sower
1883 Woman with White Cap, Half-Length Woman-with-White-Cap,-Half-Length
1883 Fisherman with Basket on his Back Fisherman-with-Basket-on-his-Back
1883 Gardener near a Gnarled Apple Tree Gardener-near-a-Gnarled-Apple-Tree
1883 Weed Burner, Sitting on a Wheelbarrow with his Wife Weed-Burner,-Sitting-on-a-Wheelbarrow-with-his-Wife
1883 Three Figures near a Canal with Windmill Three-Figures-near-a-Canal-with-Windmill
1884 Weaver Facing Left Weaver-Facing-Left
1884 Water Mill at Gennep Water-Mill-at-Gennep
1884 Peasant Woman, Head Peasant-Woman,-Head
1884 Weaver, Arranging Threads Weaver,-Arranging-Threads
1885 Head of a Peasant Woman with White Cap Head-of-a-Peasant-Woman-with-White-Cap
1885 Landscape with Windblown Trees Landscape-with-Windblown-Trees
1885 Peasant Woman, Head Peasant-Woman,-Head
1885 Five Persons at a Meal Five-Persons-at-a-Meal
1885 Peasant Woman, Planting Beets Peasant-Woman,-Planting-Beets
1885 Vicarage at Nuenen Vicarage-at-Nuenen
1885 Potato Eaters, The Potato-Eaters,-The
1886 Fritillaries Fritillaries
1886 Roofs of Paris and Notre-Dame, The Roofs-of-Paris-and-Notre-Dame,-The
1886/87 Portrait of a Man with a Moustache Portrait-of-a-Man-with-a-Moustache
1888 Interior of the Restaurant Carrel in Arles Interior-of-the-Restaurant-Carrel-in-Arles
1888 Haystacks near a Farm Haystacks-near-a-Farm
1888 Fishing Boat at Sea, A Fishing-Boat-at-Sea,-A
1888 Plain of La Crau, The Plain-of-La-Crau,-The
1888 Starry Night Starry-Night
1888 Gypsies at Saintes-Maries Gypsies-at-Saintes-Maries
1889 Corner in the Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital, A Corner-in-the-Garden-of-Saint-Paul-Hospital,-A
1889 Half Figure of an Angel (after Rembrandt) Half-Figure-of-an-Angel-(after-Rembrandt)
1889 Landscape with Olive Tree and Mountains in the Background Landscape-with-Olive-Tree-and-Mountains-in-the-Background
1889 Trees and Shrubs Trees-and-Shrubs
1889 Pine Trees in Front of the Wall of the Asylum Pine-Trees-in-Front-of-the-Wall-of-the-Asylum
1889 Trees with Ivy Trees-with-Ivy
1889 Great Peacock Moth Great-Peacock-Moth
1889 - 90 Two Trees Two-Trees
1890 Diggers and Road with Cottages Diggers-and-Road-with-Cottages
1890 Sheet with Peasants Eating and Other Figures Sheet-with-Peasants-Eating-and-Other-Figures
1890 Field with Two Sowers and Trees Field-with-Two-Sowers-and-Trees
1890 Group of Cottages with Two Women in the Foreground, A Group-of-Cottages-with-Two-Women-in-the-Foreground,-A
1890 Portrait of Doctor Gachet: L'Homme à la Pipe Portrait-of-Doctor-Gachet:-L_Homme-à-la-Pipe
1890 Marguerite Gachet at the Piano Marguerite-Gachet-at-the-Piano
Sheaves of Wheat in A Field Geranium in a Flowerpot Portrait of Old Man with Beard Portrait of a Woman with Ribbon Self Portrait with Dark Felt Hat
Sheaves of Wheat in A Field Geranium in a Flowerpot Portrait of Old Man with Beard Portrait of a Woman with Red Ribbon Self Portrait with Dark Felt Hat
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