Catalog of Letter Sketches

Year Name
1880 Miners in the Snow at Dawn
1881 Digger
1881 Digger
1881 Farmer Leaning on his Spade
1881 Digger and Figure of a Woman
1881 Field in a Thunderstorm
1881 Man Putting Potatoes in a Sack
1881 Peasant Sitting by the Fireplace (Worn Out)
1881 Road with Pollard Willows
1881 Road with Pollard Willows
1881 Road with Pollard Willows
1881 Scheveningen Woman Knitting
1881 Scheveningen Woman Sewing
1881 Scheveningen Woman Standing
1881 Sculpture and Still Life with Cabbage and Clogs
1881 Sower with Hand in Sack
1881 Woman near a Window (twice), Man with Winnow, Sower, and Woman with Broom
1881 Farmhouses on a Road with Trees
1882 Beach and Boats
1882 Beach and Sea
1882 Bench with Four Persons (and Baby)
1882 Beach with People Walking and Boats
1882 Bleaching Ground
1882 Church Pew with Worshippers
1882 Fishing Boats on the Beach
1882 Girl in a Wood, A
1882 Girl near the Stove, Grinding Coffee
1882 Group of People on the Beach with Fishing Boat Arriving
1882 Nude Woman, Half-Length (The Great Lady)
1882 Old Woman Seen from Behind
1882 Orphans
1882 Pollard Willow
1882 Rooftops
1882 Schenkweg, The
1882 Scheveningen Woman Sewing
1882 State Lottery Office
1882 Sunset Over a Meadow
1882 Woman at the Window, Knitting
1882 Woody Landscape After the Rain
1883 Breakwater
1883 Cemetery
1883 Garbage Dump
1883 Garbage Dump
1883 Gardener near a Gnarled Apple Tree
1883 Girl Kneeling in Front of a Cradle
1883 Man in a Village Inn
1883 Man Pulling a Harrow
1883 Path to the Beach
1883 Peasant Burning Weeds, and Farmhouse at Night
1883 People in the Studio
1883 Plowman with Stooping Woman, and a Little Farmhouse with Piles of Peat
1883 Plowman with Two Women
1883 Potato Grubbers, Four Figures
1883 Public Soup Kitchen, The
1883 Public Soup Kitchen, The
1883 Snowy Yard
1883 Stooping Woman in Landscape
1883 Weed Burner, Sitting on a Wheelbarrow with his Wife
1883 Three Persons Returning from the Potato Field
1883 Women Working in the Peat
1883 Workman beside a Mound of Peat, and a Peat Boat with Two Figures
1883 Woman Digging
1884 Church in Nuenen, with One Figure
1884 Gardener with a Wheelbarrow
1884 Interior with Woman Sewing
1884 Old Man Reeling Yarn
1884 Parsonage with Flowering Trees
1884 Weaver Facing Left
1884 Wheat Harvest
1885 Bird's Nest
1885 Five Persons at a Meal
1885 Gordina de Groot, Head
1885 Honesty in a Vase
1885 Lane with Poplars
1885 Peasant Man and Woman Planting Potatoes
1885 Peasant Woman, Head
1885 Peasant Woman, Seen against the Window, Head and Whole Figure
1885 Peasant Woman, Seen against the Window, Two Heads
1885 Peasant Woman, Two Heads
1885 Three Persons Sitting at the Window
1885 Two Peasant Women, Digging
1887 Seine with the Pont de Clichy, The
1888 Farmhouse with Wheat Field along a Road and Field with Flowers
1888 Garden with Flowers
1888 Lane of Cypresses with a Couple Walking, A
1888 Little Blossoming Pear Tree
1888 Memory of the Garden at Etten
1888 Newly Mowed Lawn with Weeping Tree
1888 Orchard and House with Orange Roof
1888 Public Garden with a Couple and a Blue Fir Tree
1888 Quay with Men Unloading Sand Barges
1888 Round Clipped Shrub in the Public Garden
1888 Sower and Trunk of an Old Yew Tree
1888 Sower with Setting Sun
1888 Starry Night, The
1888 Still Life with Coffee Pot
1888 Tarascon Stagecoach, The
1888 Three Orchards
1888 Viaduct and the Trinquetaille Bridge, The
1888 Vincent's Bedroom in Arles
1888 Vincent's House
1888 Woman Reading a Novel
1888 Drawbridge with Walking Couple
1888 Fishing Boats at Sea, Landscape with Edge of a Road, and a Farm along a Road
1888 Fishing Boats on the Beach
1888 Orchard and House with Orange Roof
1888 Orchard Surrounded by Cypresses
1888 Sower with Setting Sun
1888 Still Life with Coffee Pot
1888 Street in Saintes-Maries
1888 Vincent's Bedroom
1888 Wheat Field with Setting Sun
1888 Ploughed Field
1888 Sower with Setting Sun
1889 Cypresses
1889 Enclosed Field with Ploughman
1889 La Crau with Peach Trees in Bloom
1889 Orchard in Bloom with View of Arles
1889 Trees with Ivy
1889 Great Peacock Moth
1890 Cottages with Thatched Roofs and Figures
1890 Couple Walking between Rows of Trees
1890 Daubigny's Garden with Black Cat
1890 Doctor Gachet Sitting at a Table with Books and a Glass with Sprigs of Foxglove
1890 Field of Grass with Dandelions and Tree Trunks
1890 Girl with Straw Hat, Sitting in the Wheat
1890 L'Arlesienne (Madame Ginoux)
1890 Raising of Lazarus, The
1890 Road with Men Walking, Carriage, Cypress, Star, and Crescent Moon
1890 Wheat Fields
1890 Wheat Fields
1890 Wheat Fields
1890 Marguerite Gachet at the Piano
"The diseases that we civilized people labor under most are melancholy and pessimism."
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