Catalog of Watercolor

Year Name
1879 Coalmine in the Borinage
1881 Boy Cutting Grass with a Sickle
1881 Digger
1881 Digger
1881 Digger
1881 Farmer Leaning on his Spade
1881 Farmer Sitting at the Fireside, Reading
1881 Garden with Arbor
1881 Girl with Black Cap Sitting on the Ground
1881 Landscape
1881 Man with Broom
1881 Man with Winnow
1881 Mother at the Cradle and Child Sitting on the Floor
1881 Peasant Girl Raking
1881 Peasant Sitting by the Fireplace (Worn Out)
1881 Peasant Sitting by the Fireplace (Worn Out)
1881 Peasant Woman Sowing with a Basket
1881 Pollard Willow
1881 Scheveningen Woman
1881 Scheveningen Woman Knitting
1881 Scheveningen Woman Sewing
1881 Sower
1881 Sower with Basket
1881 Windmills near Dordrecht
1881 Woman Churning Butter
1881 Woman Grinding Coffee
1881 Woman Mending Stockings
1881 Woman Peeling Potatoes
1881 Woman Peeling Potatoes near a Window
1881 Woman Peeling Potatoes near a Window
1881 Woman Sewing
1881 Woman Sewing
1881 Woman Sewing
1881 Woman Sewing
1881 Woman Sitting at the Fireside
1881 Young Woman Sewing
1882 Barren Field
1882 Beach with People Walking and Boats
1882 Bench with Four Persons (and Baby)
1882 Bench with Three Persons
1882 Bleaching Ground
1882 Bookseller Blok, The
1882 Church Pew with Worshippers
1882 Country Lane with Trees
1882 Fish-Drying Barn
1882 Four Men Cutting Wood
1882 Four People on a Bench
1882 Iron Mill in The Hague
1882 Lower Part of the Windmill De Laakmolen
1882 Meadow, In the Background New Church
1882 Meadows near Rijswijk
1882 Meadows near Rijswijk and the Schenkweg
1882 Miners in the Snow: Winter
1882 Orchard in Blossom with Two Figures: Spring
1882 People Strolling on the Beach
1882 Pollard Willow
1882 Poor and Money, The
1882 Potato Market
1882 Rooftops
1882 Scheveningen Woman
1882 Scheveningen Women and Other People Under Umbrellas
1882 Sien Nursing Baby
1882 Study of a Tree
1882 View of Scheveningen
1882 View of The Hague with the New Church
1882 Waiting Room
1882 Woman at the Window, Knitting
1882 Woman (Sien) with Baby on her Lap, Half-Figure
1882 Woman Spreading Out Laundry on a Field
1882 Woman with a Broom
1882 Woman with a Broom
1882 Woman with Dark Cap (Sien's Mother)
1882 Woman with Shawl, Umbrella and Basket
1882 Woman with White Shawl in a Wood
1882 Women Miners
1883 Drawbridge in Nieuw-Amsterdam
1883 Farmhouse
1883 Group of Farmhouses
1883 Heath with a Wheelbarrow, The
1883 Interior with a Weaver Facing Right
1883 Landscape
1883 Landscape with a Farm
1883 Landscape with a Stack of Peat and Farmhouses
1883 Lumber Sale
1883 Peat Bog
1883 Public Soup Kitchen, The
1883 Scheveningen Woman with Wheeelbarrow
1883 Snowy Yard
1883 Weed Burner, Sitting on a Wheelbarrow with his Wife
1883 Woman on her Deathbed
1883 Woman with Folded Hands, Half-Length
1883 Woman with Shawl, Sewing
1883 - 84 Weaver
1883 - 84 Weaver
1883 - 84 Weaver
1883 - 84 Weaver
1884 Man Winding Yarn
1884 Three Woodcutters Walking
1884 Water Mill at Gennep
1884 Weaver, Arranging Threads
1884 Weaver Facing Left
1884 Weaver Facing Right
1884 Weaver Facing Right, Interior with One Window and High Chair
1884 Woman Reeling Yarn
1884 Woman Reeling Yarn
1884 Wood Gatherer, Figure Study
1884 - 85 Peasant Woman, Head
1885 Parsonage Garden at Nuenen with Pond and Figures, The
1885 Peasant Man and Woman, Digging
1885 Sale of Building Scrap
1885 Sunday in Eindhoven, A
1885 Two Women Talking to Each Other While Digging
1885 Woman by a Hearth
1885 Woman by the Fireplace
1885 Woman with Kettle by the Fireplace
1886 Moulin de Blute-Fin, The
1887 Entrance to the Moulin de la Galette
1887 Gate in the Paris Ramparts
1887 Outskirts of Paris near Montmartre
1887 Ramparts of Paris, The
1887 Ramparts of Paris, The
1887 Road Running Beside the Paris Ramparts
1887 Shed with Sunflowers
1888 Boats on the Beach of Saintes-Maries
1888 Breton Women (after Emile Bernard)
1888 Harvest in Provence, at the Left Montmajour
1888 Harvest Landscape
1888 Haystacks near a Farm
1888 Langlois Bridge at Arles, The
1888 Mill of Alphonse Daudet at Fontevielle, The
1888 Night Cafe in Arles, The
1888 Pink Peach Trees
1888 Vincent's House in Arles (The Yellow House)
1888 Zouave (Half Length), The
1889 Corridor of Saint-Paul Asylum in Saint-Remy
1889 Entrance Hall of Saint-Paul Hospital, The
1889 Flowering Shrubs
1889 Flowering Shrubs
1889 Stone Bench in the Garden of the Asylum
1889 Stone Steps in the Garden of the Asylum
1889 Trees and Shrubs
1889 Trees and Shrubs
1889 Trees in the Garden of the Asylum
1889 Window of Vincent's Studio at the Asylum
1890 Landscape with Bridge across the Oise
1890 Landscape with Cottages
1890 Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman
"There is but one Paris and however hard living may be here, and if it became worse and harder even-the French air clears up the brain and does good-a world of good."
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