Theo Van Gogh

Theodorus (Theo) van Gogh (1857-1891)

Vincent's younger brother who worked as an art dealer and was Vincent's closest friend. Over three fourths of the more than 800 letters Vincent wrote during his life were to Theo including his first and his last letters.

Theo Van Gogh

Johanna Gesina van Gogh (Bonger)

Theo's wife. Johanna was the first to publish the letters Vincent wrote to Theo after his death.

Theo Van Gogh

Anna Cornelia van Gogh (Carbentus) (1819-1907)

Vincent's Mother.

Theo Van Gogh

Theodorus van Gogh - (1822-1885)

Vincent's Father.

Cornelia Adriana Vos-Stricker (Kee)

Vincent's widowed cousin who he fell in love with in the summer of 1881 in Etten. Still grieving the loss of her husband Cornelia rejected Vincent and returned to Amsterdam.

Dr. Félix Rey (1867-1932)

Doctor who treated Van Gogh in Arles after he cut off part of his left ear lobe.

Dr. Paul Gachet (1828 - 1909)

Doctor and friend who treated Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise.

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