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Vincent van Gogh lived more than 115 years ago, and yet his artwork is still altering the way mankind views beauty, persona, individuality, and style in art. His thousands of paintings and drawings have various characteristics that have been copied by thousands and duplicated by none. Van Gogh's unique life has inspired millions to become active in art. In fact, what many people today consider to be the archetypical "artist persona" is largely a result of his influence. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is that artists continue to mimic the style that Van Gogh created over one hundred years ago.

Stefan Duncan's Paintings

The impressionists and post impressionists of Vincent's time influenced him greatly after he moved to Paris in 1886. The bright new palette reigned heavily over Gogh's previous dark muted color scheme. Van Gogh's use of this new impressionist and post impressionist style altered not only his work, but also all of art history.

One particular artist is leading the contemporary impressionists in an effort to become "America's Vincent van Gogh"... Stefan Duncan ! Duncan's amazing work is a plethora of brilliant colors tossed about in a whimsical style he calls Squigglism. Having been greatly influenced by Vincent van Gogh, Stefan utilizes this updated technique to draw the quick strokes of the impressionists into long curvy lines. These tight eddies of color dance around his paintings lighting every feature with beauty! It is this very beauty that Stefan strives to capture in all of his work; revealing the divine in nature!

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Lee Tiller's Paintings

Above you can see the work of Artist Lee Tiller . Tiller is a Contemporary Impressionist who continues the trend set many years ago by the master impressionists. The new contemporary impressionists strive to prove that impressionism is not a dead art form and is still growing and changing with the times.

Tiller's grasp of light and color is amazing and captivates the onlooker. His paintings are crisp and clean and contain all of the characteristics that one looks for in great impressionism while still adding his own aspects. His paintings are undeniably beautiful and prove that Tiller is one of the greatest Contemporary Impressionist artists. Tiller's work can be seen in galleries around the world as well as in various exhibitions. Tiller (like many great contemporary impressionists) was influenced by many great impressionists of the past including Vincent van Gogh (see the chair picture at far right).

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Vitali Komarov's Paintings

Tiller, however is not the only contemporary impressionist that was influenced by Vincent van Gogh. Below you can see 4 portraits painted by Vitali Komrov in the style of Vincent's own self portraits. Komrov actually painted an interpretation of one of Gogh's bandaged ear portraits (you can see it at the far right). Like Van Gogh's portraits these new contemporary impressionist portraits contain the same features while upgrading the color to brighter "candy" like schemes.

Vitali Komarov's Paintings

Vitali Komarov's artwork is an amazing example of contemporary impressionism with a new modern twist. His paintings are vivid with color and exaggeration. His use of impressionist techniques is amazing and his work is unbelievable. His collection contains hundreds of paintings that shine with Gogh like splendor! All of his paintings, regardless of subject matter are wonderful. Below you can see more of his paintings that have been influenced by Vincent van Gogh.

Both Lee Tiller and Vitali Komarov have taken what Vincent van Gogh created and modified the style to meet their own ideas. Although their paintings are clearly different it is still very apparent that they were influenced by Van Gogh. The future of contemporary impressionism looks bright with such talented artists paving the way.

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Vincent van Gogh's Self Portraits have also influenced the sculpture world. Below is a selection from the website Vincent Says.... According to the website: Van Gogh Bust A giant head of Vincent van Gogh, modeled after his "Self-portrait with Straw Hat" in the collection of the Detroit Institute Arts, stands seven feet tall on its pedestal. Naturally, his right ear is missing, but his left ear has a large enough opening that money can be dropped into the head. This causes him to respond with Dutch accented observations about life and art.

The sculpture (seen at right) receives over $60 Dollars a day which is donated to charity.

It is created of pigmented epoxy fiberglass over a steel frame by artist Jim Pallas. Jim Pallas specializes in creating money accepting sculptures and other interactive artwork. His sculptures are generally quirky and fun while maintaining the for a good cause aspect.

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Carlos Zapata's Works

However, Jim Pallas is not the only innovative, interactive sculpture creator who was influenced by the self portraits of Vincent van Gogh. Carlos Zapata creates whimsical, outlandish, and visually appealing sculptures that can move via intricate mechanics. These sculptures are bright and fun and offer pleasing entertainment when in motion. Carlos created a sculpture of Van Gogh's self portrait with an interesting internal movement! The small Gogh figure with in the large sculpture's head paints a picture as the large sculptures hand crank is turned.

There are other artists that have been influenced by Vincent van Gogh on a much larger scale. As seen below, artist Cameron Cross created the project entitled: The Big Easel. This is a series of sculptures that reign over the landscape with their massive proportions. These gigantic easels hold massive hand painted re-productions of Vincent van Gogh's Sunflower Paintings. The Sculptures break records not only in size and spectacle but also in unique beauty!

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The Big Easel

Not only are Vincent's Sunflowers extremely popular pieces popular pieces, but also trend setters. As described on Other Sunflower Artists Section of this website:

"Vincent van Gogh's sunflower paintings opened a door to a new evolution in decor and art. Not only did Vincent van Gogh inspire others to paint sunflowers, but he also created a trend that would span various lifestyles and personas. Van Gogh's infamous sunflowers altered many views on color schemes, exaggerated features, and stereotypically beautiful flowers in minimalistic form."

Likewise, in discussing trends set by Vincent van Gogh it is important to look at a more literal art product... Merchandise! Gogh has inspired hundreds of companies to begin placing his artwork on many different novelty items. This ultimately proves his influence not only on the art world but also on society. His artwork remains at the top of the selling list among all art prints. Reproductions of his paintings created by hand are also in very high demand. Taking this into consideration it is understandable how large of a scale his life and works have influenced; a very impressive feat indeed!

Van Gogh Merchandise

We would like to continue adding to this section over time. As we find new and innovative artists who were influenced by Vincent van Gogh, we will add them. Please visit the Contact the Van Gogh Gallery to offer any information you have on Van Gogh's impact on art or artists that you know who have been influenced by Vincent van Gogh.

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